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QuikEyes Pricing

     QuikEyes charges a one-time set-up fee to set up your unique site or sites for your practice.  The
     set-up fees are
charged per practice location.  Set-Up Fees adjust based on the functions needed
     for your practice.

                                                                 Set-Up Fees

  • QuikEyes Basic Version + Scheduling - $699.00 One Time Set-Up Fee
  • QuikEyes Basic Version plus Online Patient History/Review of Systems - $998 One Time Set-Up Fee
  • QuikEyes ARRA/HITECH Stage 1 Drummond Certified Version - $2995* One Time Set-Up Fee
  • QuikEyes ARRA/HITECH Stage 2 Drummond Certified Version - $4495 (Coming 1st Quarter 2015)

               *This version Qualifies Users for Meaningful Use (MU) Stimulus Monies up to $44,000
               *This version includes QuikEyes Basic Version, Patient History/Review of Systems,
                 E-Claims** and E-Prescribe**
                         **E-Claims requires subscription to Apex EDI Clearinghouse
                         **E-Prescribe requires subscription to E-Prescribing
                                   (free e-prescribing accounts available)

                                                            Subscription Fees


                 In addition to the One Time Set-Up Fees, QuikEyes users will also be charged a
                   monthly subscription fee (per location) based on a Tiered Pricing Structure.

Fees adjust with your practice size and requirements:


                                                             Subscription Tiers:
                                                         Tier 1
 = $149 per month
                                                         Tier 2
 = $198 per month
                                                         Tier 3
 = $297 per month

                                                        Tier 4 = $396 per month

                                                         Tier 5 = $495 per month

                                                         Tier 6 = $594 per month

                                                         Tier 7 = $693 per month

                                                         Tier 8 = $792 per month

                                                         Tier 9 = $891 per month

                                                       Tier 10 = $990 per month
          (Tiers are based on the number of Full Time Doctors and Modules Needed in your
                             practice.  Call 1-877-QUIK-123 for Pricing Tier Information)

                                                            Data Storage Fees

                **Subscription fees include 10GB of free data storage.  Extra fees will be charged
                             for data storage above 10GB (See Data Storage Page for Pricing)

                                                        Technical Support Fees

          Tech Support issues will be charged, in addition to the monthly subscription fees, on an
                                   as needed basis.  See Tech Support tab for pricing.

       Paypal Account - All subscriptions require set-up and charges billed to an active PayPal
       account, unless paying in full up front for 1 year

Transfer of records - A fee of $899 will apply for any required movement of data from
       another vendor software (free manual transfer of data is always available to user)
                               (Only patient Demographic Data can be transferred)

       Equipment Integration - A fee of $799 per machine will apply for integration of ancillary

          equipment (i.e. auto refractors, lensometers, nct's, etc...) with your QuikEyes website.

           **Cancelled accounts have the option of storing records on our servers for a fee of
                $30 per month per every 10GB or manually transferring data to their local hard
 (see Data Storage tab).